The New Sensations
The Sensational Music

The New Sensations Demo:
01 - Do The Loop (MP3)
02 - Est-Ce Que Vous Blue? (MP3)
03 - Kiss Me Tiger (MP3)

Recording Info:
These songs were recorded on 28.08.2004 in our practice space on a Tascam Midistudio 688 eight track recorder on analogue "Emtec" tapes. We recorded 13 songs in this session.
Vocals, additional guitars, organ and percussion stuff were recorded later.
We used:
2 Shure SM 57 mics for the guitars
1 AGK D 112 mic for the bass drum
2 shitty plastic "no name" mics for tom and snare/hihat
(...because the "real" mics we rent for that purpose didnīt work!)
1 Beyer MCE 86 mic for drum overheads
1 Beyer TG X 58 mic for the vocals
All the recordings were engineered, mixed and produced by us.