The New Sensations
The Sensational Music

The New Sensations new stuff:

01 -Move Slowly

The New Sensations Demo:
01 - Do The Loop (MP3)
02 - Est-Ce Que Vous Blue? (MP3)
03 - Kiss Me Tiger (MP3)

Recording info for the new stuff :

Ok, this time we recorded only five songs. This was again recorded in our practice room, produced/paid, engineered and mixed by us . Some things have changed compared to our last recordings:

- Better mics for the drums (no plastic shit this time) & better microphoning for the drum overheads - we used two mics this time. The other mics were the same as the last time.

- I hear the „Garage“ cats cry already…the big sellout, the downfall of „cool“, the reason to hate ANY Punk band on earth for… – what the fuck am I talking about? Yes kids (haha) - this time we recorded DIGITAL!!! I mean, we could have lied about it, but: we don´t give a damn! If we had lied to you, the new stuff was recorded on tape, you would have believed it, too – because: you couldn´t hear the difference anyway. If you record CRAP songs with CRAP equipment, it sounds like CRAP – digital or analogue doesn´t do the harm anymore then! You flushed your „talent“ in the gutter before you even recorded the first take. Bullshit „digital“ amps, triggered drums and even more bullshit songs „kill“ most band recordings, that´s for sure.

- Ahh, feels good to let some steam off…ok: we got rid of our old 8 track tape machine, because it went straight to „south of heaven“ (haha) right after we finished mixing the old stuff (= demo recordings). R.I.P. Benzo got some very old digital recorder pretty cheap so that´s the whole story. We have more recording tracks now & it´s a lot easier to handle (recording, editing & mixing that is). The old 8 track got you headaches in five minutes - driving a tank is easier than it was to handle this peace of junk!!!

- The basic stuff was again recoded live, Don & Jermaine recorded extra guitar tracks time,
too. We won´t give away all secrects - but it´s easier than you think, to get a „full“ sound with
the most simple tricks. The percussion and keyboard stuff were recorded later at Benzos
home. Miss Tress finished last and recorded all vocals back again in our practice room. The
part, where we almost killed us, was when it came to mixing the music – damn… we turned
into animals, like always, haha. Everything´s finished now, we are happy – it was worth the
abuse…. Enjoy the new song, we hope to get the whole new recordings released pretty
Recording Info Demo:

These songs were recorded on 28.08.2004 in our practice space on a Tascam Midistudio 688 eight track recorder on analogue "Emtec" tapes. We recorded 13 songs in this session.
Vocals, additional guitars, organ and percussion stuff were recorded later.
We used:
2 Shure SM 57 mics for the guitars
1 AGK D 112 mic for the bass drum
2 shitty plastic "no name" mics for tom and snare/hihat
(...because the "real" mics we rent for that purpose didnīt work!)
1 Beyer MCE 86 mic for drum overheads
1 Beyer TG X 58 mic for the vocals
All the recordings were engineered, mixed and produced by us.