The Sensational D.I.Y's
Never be the outsider again! Sloganize your taste in music, life and style with the The New Sensations. Create your own Sensational T-Shirt, with your own matching slogan!
Just:       Pick your slogan, print out, go to a store & iron on!
  • If youve got urgent political goals... (Anarchy pdf/ ~20 KB)
  • Stuck in the "golden Fifties"? Gotcha! (Daddy O pdf/ ~20 KB)
  • If you hate Heavy Metal as much as we do: (Death pdf/ ~20 KB)
  • If you like Heavy Metal: (Slayer pdf/ ~20 KB)
  • For the "shy" (you need a backpack to pick this, ok?): (emo pdf/ ~20 KB)
  • For people with a "familia" & movie buffs: (Pate pdf/ ~20 KB)
  • For 70s Hardrock Fans who cant let go: (Hardrock pdf/ ~20 KB)
  • If "Law & Order" is your thing: (Law pdf/ ~20 KB)
  • For people who think they are "victims of society"... (Misfit pdf/ ~20 KB)
  • "Good stories, I never buy it for the photos..." (play pdf/ ~20 KB)
  • You cant seriously listen to modern Rap, R&B or Disco music today, but were "groovy" people: (Shizzle pdf/ ~20 KB) (PDF / ~20 KB)
  • Doh! (Smithers pdf/ ~20 KB)
  • For Punks who live way too healthy: (SXE pdf/ ~20 KB)