The Sensational Abouts
The New Sensations are:
Benzo Casino - Drums
Miss Tress - Vocals
Don Hammer - Guitar
Jermaine German - Guitar
The New Sensations formed in January 2003 in Karlsruhe as a trio. After writing a whole set of songs, Miss Tress joined the band one year later on vocals. This is her debut as a singer in a band.
Benzo, Don and Jermaine have been in and out different bands over the past ten years and have gathered gig, tour, and recording experiences - mostly painful, some joyful. They have been the founding members of the band "Briegel" in 1997.
They teamed up again in late 2002 to start a new band - which became The New Sensations. The absence of a bass guitar is on purpose, two guitars get the job done very well. They played a first (private) show on May, 22nd, 2004 in their practice room in front of 20 friends. The first official appearence was on May, 28th, 2004 at "Schlachthof", Karlsruhe, opening for "Henry Fiats Open Sore", Sweden.
They like music in general and they donīt like to categorize or limit their music in any way. They are only into the categorization of "good" and "bad" music. In which category The New Sensations fit in is up to you. Listen for yourself and enjoy!
Thank you.
Yours truly,
The New Sensations, September 24th , 2004


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